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The Cisco-centric Open Source Community: Where your comments, contributions and discussion build the community! This site welcomes and needs your contributions and involvement to provide Cisco-centric Open Source Tools, Scripts and Utilities.......together we can help you manage your Cisco equipment!

Before downloading files, read our support statement:
The programs offered on this site are not supported by the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC).
Please do not contact the Cisco TAC because they can't offer you support assistance. If you have questions or require assistance, please direct them within COSI and the open source community.


COSI Web-based Tools:
The DSL Analysis Utilities include ADSL chipset statistics and LRE Analysis. The CGI interface allows the user to run the DSL Analysis Utilities directly from the COSI Website.
The ISDN Analysis Utilities are designed to filter activity reported by "debug isdn q931" from a Cisco Router and track individual calls. Also includes CAS Analysis Utilities for the output of "debug cas" and analysis of the output of "show controller BRI" for the C800. The CGI interface allows the user to run the tool directly from the COSI Website.
CGI interface allows you to analyze NextPort and Mica modem logs directly from the COSI Website.

PPP Analysis Utilities Includes the PPP MCB and PPP Dump Tools.

  • PPP MCB analyzes the output of "Debug PPP Negotiation" and decodes the values reported by PPP debugs during Microsoft's callback (MCB) negotiation.
  • The PPP Dump tool comes in handy anytime the contents of a PPP frame are printed as a hexadecimal dump: IOS autoselect, VPDN debugs, or third-party tools.

CGI interface allows the user to run the PPP Analysis Utilities directly from the COSI Website.

Includes the X.25 Exchange Tracker to analyze the output of "debug x.25 all" logs. CGI interface allows the user to run the analysis directly from the COSI Website.

A primer for COSI developers interested in creating a CGI interface for new or existing Cisco-centric tools.


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