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Related Projects and Tools:
APTools is a utility that queries ARP Tables and Content-Addressable Memory (CAM) for MAC Address ranges associated with 802.11b Access Points. It will also utilize Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) if available.

NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) named Blocker, based upon a open source NIDS (watcher). The watcher was modified to recognize more attacks, generate access lists to Cisco routers to automatically block attacks.

CCSAT (Cisco Configuration Security Auditing Tool) is a tool for automated audit of configuration security of large numbers of Cisco routers and switches.
CDPR is used to decode a Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) packet, by default it will report the device ID, the IP Address (of the device), and the port number that the machine is connected to. Optionally it will decode the entire CDP packet.
CEPS, the Cisco Enterprise Print System, is a collection of tools and utilities designed to work together to create a highly scalable, robust printing environment for a medium to large corporation.
IP traffic accounting on CISCO routers.
CRS (Cisco router simulator) is a simple Cisco router simulator. Its goal is to help CCNA students to understand how a Cisco router works.
EHNT is a tool which turns streams of Netflow (version 5) data into something useful and human-readable.
fwanalog parses firewall logs from Cisco PIX.
GNOME2 GUI for the Cisco VPN client
This daemon counts traffic (packets and bytes) on the specified interfaces. It has the built- in rsh engine to allow collecting the accounting data as from the Cisco router. Supports many other rsh-driven functions.

JFFNMS is an Open Source (GPL) Network Management System designed to maintain an SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs+ Network. Its meant to be used in a Cisco-based Network (Routers, Switches, etc). It Features the ability to analyze and consolidate data, a Database Backend (MySQL/PgSQL), Configurable Event Types and Severity Levels, Integrated Tacacs+ Authentication and Accounting, Integrated Syslog, Integrated SNMP Trap Handler, Integrated TFTP Configuration Download and Archival, Configurable per Circuit SLA's (RPN logic), Traffic, RTT, PL, Errors, Drops, CPU Util, Memory, Temperature Graphs, and a lot more...
Its very modular and extensible too.

Please visit JFFNMS at

Kickstart Tools is a collection of scripts that can be used to build and maintain your own Linux distribution.

NeDi is a perl based network discovery & management system for Cisco components.

Please visit the NeDi Demo Page

Netdisco is an Open Source web-based application, utilizing CDP for topology discovery, which collects router ARP and switch forwarding table entries into a database. Web queries for IP or MAC address return the switch port to which a device is attached. Switch port control is available through the application.
The netfltools project is a set of tools for processing Cisco netflow export protocol. It includes a server which easy allows on the fly data filtering, aggregation, logging etc., a management console and an utility for data acquisition.
NEye (Network Eye) is an Open Source NetFlow collector working on Unix systems which is capable of receiving flows from Cisco Routers (but not only) and store them in ASCII, in SQLite databases or in full blown MySQL databases. It's written in C language, making use of POSIX threads if available (thus scalable) and is Open Source (licensed under BITGPL). Gilberto welcomes testing/feedback for NEye.
The NMIS (Network Management Information System) site provides a GPL project that is a Cisco oriented fault and performance management system. It provides many capabilities, including interface performance, CPU, Memory, and basic inventory.

Tools developed for various network management tasks in a carrier environment. They are designed to work with various Cisco IOS devices, including ATM switches (LS1010, MSR8540), MPLS and legacy routers. The functionality of the tools includes: device inventory listings; ATM: PNNI topology reports, complete VCC reference, VCC status report, VCC tracking tool; MPLS: TDP/LDP/IS-IS topology reports, VRF inventory reports; Cisco72XX bandwidth points analysis.

Documentation and Files

Pixilate parses an input file containing Cisco PIX 6.2x (normal mask) or Cisco IOS (inverted mask) access-list entries and generates the appropriate packets.
PMACCT (Promiscuous mode IP Accounting package). PMACCT is a small set of tools to account and aggregate IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
Rancid monitors a router's (or device's) configuration, including software and hardware (cards, serial numbers, etc), using CVS. Rancid currently supports Cisco routers.
Round Robin Database Framework is designed to be the universal framework, or a frontend for Round-Robin Database (RRDtool). You may consider it as a third generation of MRTG (Cricket being the second one), scalable to hundreds of devices per monitoring server.

Its SNMP device discovery tool supports many generic and Cisco proprietary features. It also provides full automation of CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB discovery and collection.

Ruby text-based router search designed to query Cisco 72xx and 10k Routers for Cable modem and CPE information. It is designed to work both on UNIX and NT environments. Requirement is the Ruby language interpreter.
Security framework is a PHP application framework that allows for users, groups, applications, and application access-lists allowing a more granular control.
SEC supports CiscoWorks for event correltion. SEC is a free and platform independent event correlation tool that was designed to fill the gap between commercial event correlation systems and homegrown solutions that usually comprise of a few simple shell scripts.
SLOP is a PERL and PHP based engine for the collection of and reporting on logs from various network based devices such as firewalls, switches, and web servers. SLOP supports Cisco 2900 and 3500 switches.
SICM is a template based snmp and ping front-end to RRDtool, also providing a user friendly menu-driven web interface to the resulting graphs.
Switchmap is a set of Perl scripts that display HTML pages representing information stored in Cisco switches.
SMT uses Modular Syslog to collect syslog messages and dump them to a SQL server(PostGreSQL). SMT then grabs logs and runs rules consisting of regular expressions, facility & severity ranges, and other parameters such as time to determine who, when, and how to alert.
A Tcl/Expect package providing an API for accessing and configuring Cisco network equipment over a telnet session. These library routines greatly simplify the process of writing scripts to make configuration changes and perform common tasks. Documentation is a comprehensive directory of computers related websites which includes an index of Open Source sites.
Tracker is an Open Source tool that tracks end-node information across cisco routers and switches.
VMPS-SRV is a Cisco centric VMPS Registration and Management Server. A web based (PHP) interface to manage host registration for Dynamic VLAN policys. Also provides configuration change management for the VMPS configuration.
(The Vovida Open Communication Application Library (VOCAL) provides the development community with software and tools needed to build new and exciting VoIP features, applications and services.)